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Bed Bug Exterminators Harlem

The simple act of changing the bed linens reveals a bed bug infestation. What is the next step? How did these vermin infest the house? Bed bugs have invested hotels, offices, gyms, stores and many other places where people and pets work and live. In the home, the bed bugs will find places where warm-bodied hosts sleep. An experienced pest removal specialist will identify the places where the vermin are living. SEEK HELP EARLY Clients should never feel embarrassed about contacting our office for help with exterminating bed bugs. Cleanliness has little to do with survival of bed bugs in the house. Early intervention is essential since a bed bug can live for a full year without ingesting blood from the host. This longevity allows them to lie dormant in luggage, in mattresses and on personal belongings. SIGNS THAT BED BUGS ARE PRESENT Bed bugs are recognizable since they look very similar to an apple seed in size, shape and color. The bed bugs might have shed their skins during growth cycles, so the case skins will be present on fabric and upholstery surfaces throughout the house. People might notice black or brown stains on surfaces where the bed bugs hide after feeding on the host. Pets can provide sustenance to the bed bugs, so their sleeping areas might reveal the vermin’s presence. AFTER PROFESSIONAL EXTERMINATION Once our exterminator has removed the bed bugs from the house, the occupants should follow some important steps to keep bed bugs from returning.
  • Reduce the amount of clutter in each room of the house.
  • Wash and dry all bed linens frequently in the hottest water the fabric will tolerate.
  • Inspect all second-hand clothes, linens and furniture for bed bugs before purchase.
  • Adopt the habit of inspecting beds, furniture and pet areas frequently.
  • Conduct additional inspections following guest visits, vacation trips, moving to a new residence or after a service worker visits.
Attempting to remove bed bugs without professional assistance is impossible. Our experts will be your advocate in the quest to remove bed bugs from your house. Contact us today! Why wait any longer? Call us to schedule an appointment that fits into your schedule.